So why the title…Bags or Baggage?

So a year a go, I began the amazing adventure of being part of the Thirty-One Gifts direct sales company, and I have been introduced to an amazing sisterhood.  I have learned more about myself, reconnected with others, and now have plenty of organizing items and no excuse not to have a clean, organized home.


Last weekend, I went to #cinchshares2017 Elevate conference in West Virginia.  75 of us gathered to learn together and lift one another up.  Saturday and Sunday morning began with Holy Spirit filled devotions by Julia Petrie.  Also, my roommates: Amy, Leeann, and Cheryl were full of much grace and encouragement.  We’re #bettertogether!

Julia’s first devotion was about how God enabled the Israelites to cross the Red Sea (see Exodus 14).  During this time, I realized I have a choice.  I can choose to focus on what brings my joy in life: friends, family, ministry opportunities, and “work that is worthy of my best efforts,” or I can focus on the difficulties in my past and present.  In essence, will I focus on bags (representative of the positive in my life), or will I focus on the baggage (representative of dwelling on the negative)?

Just like the Israelites learned to trust God so can I.    Even when I feel completely surrounded by the enemy, like the Israelites did at the edge of the Red Sea, I can trust God to take the next step of faith.

As I begin this new blog to pursue my passion of writing.  I am choosing to focus on “bags” rather than “baggage,” and taking this first step back toward sharing my writing feels incredible!

What next step do you need to take with a goal?  How can I encourage you to move forward?  What can you focus on today instead of your “baggage?”


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